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Pure Genius and Improvisational Magic!

John Lewis’ love of the Jazz art form (the USA’s homegrown music) has not waned over the many years during which he’s participated in the music business. He continues to produce new works as a drummer, composer, pianist and entrepreneur.

John grew up in Morton, PA, which was close to the larger cities (Chester and Philadelphia). This proximity to music hubs afforded exposure to some of the biggest Jazz entertainers of the day (e.g., Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong). He also had firsthand exposure to the music through his Aunt Thelma who played the trumpet in this country’s first all-girl, integrated big band (“The International Sweethearts of Rhythm”). The music was inspiring and afforded him the opportunity to dream big.

Since his early days as a percussionist, in his own band at Swarthmore High School, to present day pursuits as a composer and pianist, John has remained true to his classic jazz roots.He’s never abandoned his interest in the piano, love of percussion nor has he ignored his instinctual drive to actively participate in the music business as an entrepreneur! This led him to establish his own recording labels, collaborating with great musicians and vocalists to produce and market his own music products. Be sure to checkout the products available in our Shop.

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